Willow Tutoring, Angmering    

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What tuition is available at Willow Cottage?

Primary Level Tuition (7-11years)

All areas of Primary English, (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) Maths and Science. 


Secondary Tuition 

GCSE / IGCSE level for English Language and Literature. 

Essay writing and Study Skills courses can also be arranged.


Specialist Handwriting Tuition

Good handwriting can be a struggle, but it is an essential part of academic development & a key element of the National Curriculum. 

Legible, efficient handwriting is a complex task involving fine motor skills & hand eye co-ordination.

The goal is to make handwriting an automatic skill so your child can concentrate and enjoy what they are writing rather than how they are writing.

A personalised handwriting programme can be developed for each child, depending on age & individual needs. They can improve quickly, from any stage, through techniques of patterning & letter formation to fluent, cursive, “joined-up” writing.


We start with an introductory consultation and assessment to identify areas for improvement and suggest a suitable customised programme of tuition.

In most cases a six-week programme will be agreed, with 60minute sessions taking place once or twice a week. 

Assessment of progress is then discussed in detail  and further lessons can  be planned accordingly.

Why choose private tuition?

Supporting your child’s learning journey is vital throughout their school life. 

Sometimes children need a little extra guidance to accelerate learning and build confidence.

The joy of learning comes from the experiences of success and needs to be carefully nurtured.  Professional tuition can often 

help when the journey becomes difficult or just needs a little help to keep on track. 

Individual attention allows for immediate, positive and corrective feedback. It helps students stay focused, avoid repeating 

errors and have pride in their efforts.

Private tuition on a one-to-one basis is acknowledged to be the most effective way to learn. 

Pupils are removed from the intimidation of peer pressure, learn to not be afraid of making mistakes and raises self-esteem.

Who is suitable for private tuition?

Private tuition can help students of any age and ability; from those with learning difficulties to gifted children, from those needing basic core skills to those who need extra assurance before exam times.

Some children find the classroom environment distracting and intimidating. Individual attention can help give them the skills to concentrate and the ability to work independently.

Children struggling with reading can have their confidence boosted by receiving individual attention and being shown different learning strategies to cope within the classroom and the Key Stage tests.

Poor handwriting skills can be frustrating & lead to slow academic progress. Many children benefit from a short, concentrated improvement course which results in greater confidence & increased motivation.

For older students, essay planning and writing, along with exam study skills, can make the approach to impending exams a more positive experience.